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Posted by portugalpress on February 13, 2018

New changes to the ever-changing ‘regime’ licensing homeowners for short-term holiday rentals are likely to include a “brake” on the number of properties allowed in historic town centres.

Who says this is coordinator of the parliamentary commission looking into various proposals for ‘tightening up’ on ‘Alojamento Local’.

Luís Testa says “mechanisms that act like brake-clauses” are necessary to “avoid excessive massification” - situations where so many properties are given over to AL that communities are irreparably changed.

“Quotas are an admissible model”, he told reporters.

It is unclear when the work of the parliamentary commission will be completed, nor what the new changes to AL will eventually look like.

AL owners associations are already predicting ruin for the sector (click here) as has a lawyer in the Algarve sounded warnings for the regional economy (click here).

Today’s story in Diário de Notícias has already gathered a number of negative comments, all of them pointing out that the changes will simply power the ‘black economy’ in holiday rentals.

Says one: “And is the government also going to limit the number of hotels in neighbourhoods saturated by AL? This is going to create a very ugly open war between those who are legal and those who are not. There are many apartments, mostly owned by foreigners, that are used for AL without being registered as such. Imagine that I am forced to close my business due to ‘touristic pressure’ but my neighbour downstairs continues working outside the law… This is going to cause a lot of trouble between neighbours”.