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Posted by portugalpress on November 29, 2018

Over a decade since a father playing ball with his son noticed that the family’s apartment floor had a definite unexplained tilt to it, the Austral building in Quarteira’s Rua Alagoa is finally to be the focus of “corrective works”.

Loulé mayor Vítor Aleixo has described the anomaly as “worrying in terms of risk”, but the story in tabloid Correio da Manhã today doesn’t explain whether the building is actually listing, or simply permanently inclined.

The ‘blame’, says the paper, lies with the builder - so far unnamed. And the cost for correcting what is a ‘30 cm offset’ has been estimated at €400,000.

According to the story, the council will be footing the bill and hopes to recover the money ‘gradually’ “according to the possibilities of each condominium” involved.

Says CM the building has 20 condominiums, all of which are more than keen to see the structure ‘put straight’.

Works are expected to start between March and April next year and will take up to six months to complete, says the paper.