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Posted by portugalpress on October 10, 2017

At least two young foxes have been spotted on the beach of Cabanas de Tavira “visibly malnourished” and searching for food.

But though many well-meaning people have been feeding the wild animals, Olhão-based wildlife centre RIAS is urging them to stop this and “stay away”.

“The animals should not be fed and their interaction with humans should be avoided. The survival of a wild animal in a situation like this can be seriously compromised if they grow used to humans,” the wildlife centre says in a statement.

It adds that the animals’ deteriorating health and the difficulties authorities have faced in trying to capture them are linked to the fact that people have been “feeding them incorrectly”.

“This case has been an example, unfortunately, of what should not be done in the presence of a wild animal.”

RIAS also explains that while it does not have the means to capture the animals, it will treat them if the foxes are brought to the centre.

Animal rights party PAN says it has been in contact with SEPNA, the environmental division of GNR police, which has claimed that the “foxes are in their natural habitat” and that they do not have the “traps needed to capture the animals”.

A report by RTP reveals that maritime police have set up traps to capture the animals, but so far to no avail.



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