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Posted by portugalpress on September 07, 2018

The nail-biting situation of how many sardines Portuguese fishermen are allowed to catch every year is rounding another bend.

ICES - the international council for the exploration of the sea - has yet again said that there should be no fishing whatsoever in 2019, thus the focus now is on setting realistic targets based on up to date research.

The cruise will be going ahead next month, coordinated by IPMA (the institute of sea and atmosphere) which has always argued that ICES is working with old data.

ICES recommendations caused uproar shortly over a year ago when scientists recommended a 15-year ban on sardine fishing (click here).

Since then, Portugal has navigated the controversy by introducing new limits and quotas.

This ‘cruise’ will be going ahead in partnership with Spain whose fishermen are equally up in arms over what they see as Brussels’ constant interference on their livelihoods.