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Posted by portugalpress on July 10, 2018

The ‘secret’ lies in the cells of “striated muscle tissue”. It is a mechanism that “allows a healthy muscle to generate”. This is the latest discovery of scientists working with Portuguese biochemist Edgar Gomes. It opens the door to a host of new treatments for muscular dystrophies, lesions, and even the degenerative muscle loss of old age, say reports.

The research has been published in scientific journal ‘Developmental Cell’.
This is a project that received €3.2 million in funds from the European Commission, and involves scientists from the French Curie Institute and the University of Edinburgh.

For now, it’s still at a very early stage, but as Gomes told reporters, the discovery means that, in future, someone who has lost part of a muscle in an accident could have cells taken from his/ her body and transformed to create the missing muscle in a laboratory. It would have all the blood vessels and nerves it requires, and could then be “put in the area of the body that has been damaged”.

Next steps are to keep developing to the point that medical treatments designed to improve muscle function can be tested by the ‘cultured muscle’.

Said Gomes, this could be particularly helpful for athletes who need a “rapid recovery” after accidents, just as much as it could help bedridden people who have suffered “immense muscle loss”.


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