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Posted by portugalpress on December 22, 2016

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Christmas is a time to spend indoors with family and friends, a time of celebration, extravagance and indulgence. But come the new year – and those winter bills – and many homeowners become keen to find ways to economise on energy costs!

In fact, the festive season can be a useful time to consider your home’s heating and cooling needs, as systems are run without restraint and visiting guests put spare rooms to use. For those who holiday-let their properties in summer, such considerations are especially prudent, as investing in sensible systems now will bring savings for years to come.

Penguin are leading installers and experts in all aspects of energy-saving systems. Top-rated among Algarve air conditioning installers by consumer watchdog DECO (equivalent to Which? in UK), the company has installed thousands of quality low-energy systems since opening for business a decade ago.

For radiator or underfloor heating, high-efficiency heat pumps are the ideal energy source and offer an excellent long-term investment. Penguin also install heat pumps for swimming pools, extending their period-of-use over the brisker seasons.

For all such systems, Penguin nowadays offer an array of the latest smart devices to control, monitor and minimise your energy costs.

With the most annual sunshine in Europe, solar energy makes compelling sense for Algarve homes. Whether installing thermal systems for domestic hot water or photovoltaic (PV) systems for home-generated power, Penguin’s expertise is second-to-none.

So when it comes to energy saving for winter warming or summer cooling, Penguin are the seasoned experts!

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