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Posted by nelson on August 10, 2017

An adoptive father who started sexually abusing his ‘daughter’ from the moment she was adopted aged eight, has been freed by a judge despite the fact that his now 11-year-old victim has just had to have an abortion.

The horrific story of fear and abuse is revealed today in tabloid Correio da Manhã.

Indeed, the paper says the child’s pregnancy was discovered before her 11th birthday.

The girl was apparently too terrified to tell her adoptive mother about the abuse, as she feared she’d be sent back to a children’s home.

She was “frightened” of her “aggressor”, the paper stresses - the man who outwardly assumed the role of co-protector in her life.

Porto’s criminal court heard that the 43-year-old fitter actually filmed the abuse, as it took place - keeping the images on his computer.

The man’s unmasking came when the child was admitted to hospital, complaining of pains.

Doctors soon discovered she was almost nine weeks pregnant, and then the story came tumbling out.

The father’s arrest however was held back until the foetus’ DNA was tested.

In the meantime, the shocked mother authorised an emergency abortion.

CM claims that PJ police have since discovered incriminating evidence stored in the father’s computer, and hoped that he would be remanded in custody given that his alleged victim is still “very fragilised” and emotionally confused.

On the one hand she is repulsed by what happened to her, explains CM, but on the other she “shows affection for the man who adopted her”.

As to authorities’ reaction to the man being released to live with a family member, the paper says “everyone was surprised”.

Blaming the decision on a judge “with no experience in the combat of crime”, CM explained it is “not unusual” for rulings like this to come during judicial holidays when cases are habitually handed down to inexperienced judges.

The judge’s reasoning in Porto yesterday was that the father did not pose a flight risk, nor show signs that his criminal activity would continue.

Separated now from the mother and daughter, the man was simply ordered not to approach the child.


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