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Posted by portugalpress on March 09, 2018

The bad weather battering Portugal from all sides is now taking its toll of road and street surfaces, with possibly the largest sink hole opening up today in one of Lisbon's busiest shopping streets, Rua Garrett in the Chiado district.

The hole - described as large enough to fit a small car - opened up early this afternoon outside Pastelaria Benard.

Civil Protection authorities called to the scene initially tried to shore it up, but as the rain tipped down and further subsidence seemed likely, they opted to cordon the hole off and “evaluate the situation”.

Gas pipes are now complicating issues, thus the hole is very possibly going to stay for the weekend.

Meantime, further subsidence is causing real problems in other parts of town, particularly Rua de Angola, in the parish of Anjos, and Rua do Arco do Carvalhão in Campo de Ourique.

In the former, subsidence has been dubbed “continuous”. Parked cars have had to be removed and the road has effectively shut down. This afternoon, television reports suggested there are no plans to reopen Rua de Angola for the time being.

As we wrote this text, SIC television news suggested the hole in Rua do Arco do Carvalhão could actually be larger than the sink hole outside Pastelaria Benard…

Today’s weather-related glitches to life in the capital follow yesterday’s shock news that the ancient bells of nearby Mafra are at risk of “falling down” in forecasted high winds and that Torre de Belém is closed until further notice due to damage from winds and waves.

PHOTO: the sink hole in Rua Garrett photographed by SIC television news


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