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Posted by portugalpress on May 15, 2018

Socialist MP Luís Pedro Gonçalves is the guiding light behind new Portuguese NGO “Não Troquem os Nossos Bebés” (Don’t swap our babies), designed to highlight behind-the-scenes baby swapping apparently going ahead in this country at the hands of the Portuguese secret service. Babies are ‘swapped’ in hospital maternity units, Gonçalves explains, though he has been unable to give reasons as to why. The movement has sited posters on several roundabouts.

It does not accept donations, though Gonçalves has told reporters that people can, if they wish, pay for a poster and site it wherever they like.

Gonçalves himself believes he was swapped at birth because he looks unlike any of the members of his family.

That a movement like this exists is not really the story. The interest here is that its founder is a member of local government in Seixal (near Lisbon) and as such potentially one of the decision-makers for an urban borough.


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