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Posted by portugalpress on February 12, 2018

Ongoing ugliness affecting the Tejo river shows little sign of abating this week, with no-one apparently happy about new developments.

The only positive aspect is that the “frightening” blanket of yellowish foam that covered the surface of water around Abrantes has gone (click here).

How badly it has affected the river’s ecosystem and what caused it however remain ‘off limits’ to the general public as DIAP (the department of investigation and penal action) has ring-fenced investigations with a ‘secrecy of justice’ ruling.

The government meantime has ordered pulping works Celtejo to reduce discharges into the river by 50% for the next month, while it is reported to be ready to revoke the firm’s licence.

Celtejo remains ‘unrepentant’ in its position that it is not responsible for the environmental attacks to the river, and will be going ahead with defamation proceedings to the group that says that it is (click here).

Environmentalists at Quercus and Zero have “lamented” the secrecy of justice embargo, as has Celtejo - for different reasons.

Quercus and Zero simply want transparency. Celtejo wants ‘justice’. It claims to have been a victim of incompetence that has been “profoundly punitive”.

But it’s stance over the video clips posted over social media by “Guardian of the river” prison guard Arlindo Marques remains steadfast: a “company that complies with rules cannot be defamed” - and thus Celtejo insists on forging ahead with its action for €250,000 in damages.