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Posted by portugalpress on November 08, 2018

Humour can and should play an integral part in the rehearsing and production of a theatrical play. The preparation process should never be an absolutely serious or tedious thought-provoking time.

Of utmost importance, of course, is the play itself, the story, the plot. Next come the actors and their ability and talent to interpret the script, as well as their willingness to put their trust in the director's vision. Finally comes the director, with his or her ability to put across to the actors the needs and direction that the play should take.

For director Paul Kloegman, humour is a naturally occurring ingredient that can enlighten the process and provide relief from the onset of boredom which can often rear its ugly head during long rehearsal periods. It is this boredom that can sap an actor’s creative energy and plunge the whole procedure into an abyss, from which many never return... OK, perhaps not an abyss, however it can put many people off returning to amateur dramatics which is, of course, a hobby and a way of meeting like-minded people.

The Algarveans’ November production, “Whose Life is it Anyway?”, has been no exception, with plenty of laughter and fun having been had throughout rehearsals and with Paul normally in the midst of it.

The Algarveans are proud to have been on stage now for over 25 years and, with three productions planned next year (see their website for more information), they will continue to raise money for local charities and bring together those who enjoy entertaining and making new friends.

“Whose Life is it Anyway?” is playing at Lagoa Auditorium from November 22-24, with curtain up at 7.45pm. The bar opens at 7pm and you can order your interval drinks so as to avoid any queuing.

Tickets cost €12 which you can book by email at or by telephone 913 723 611, 282 496 635 or 966 211 634.

Article submitted by The Algarveans Experimental Theatre