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Posted by portugalpress on December 21, 2017

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When left untreated, hearing loss can often get worse. Reduced hearing ability can make it harder to participate in conversations with your family and friends, and can result in people isolating themselves from social situations.

However, it’s not just our hearing that is affected by not wearing hearing aids. Our brain can also suffer from the lack of auditory stimulation; in fact, it can affect the way the brain “reads” the information sent by the ear resulting in a lack of speech understanding even though you can hear sound.

It was discovered that people with untreated hearing loss experience faster rates of brain shrinkage, or atrophy, than those with normal hearing. The areas responsible for processing speech and sound were especially impacted.

“If you want to address hearing loss well, you want to do it sooner rather than later, says audiologist Kate van Duijvenbode.

“We hear with our brain, rather than our ears.”

While hearing aids can take a bit of getting used to, the more you practice wearing them, the easier it should become to hear in different scenarios. The more confident you become, the less you’ll notice them. To know more and experience the benefit of hearing again, talk to our certified audiologist and try a hearing aid out for two weeks.

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