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Posted by jomad on August 19, 2014

Parents are great hunting dogs and this litter was not planned! These two and half months old are the last ones available from the litter. They live happily in our dogs kennel surrounded by other dogs and constant people, so they are completely socialized with dogs and people.

They are dewormed but need vaccines. Mother and father adult weight is around 4 or 5 kg.

Darker one is the biggest and will be medium-small size and the lighter one, for some reason, will be very small Podengo in his adult life.

They are extremely spoiled and well cared for and we love them very much, but it's time for them to find new families who will have the good fortune to enjoy life in their company. Extremely smart, insightful, energetic but also bland. They can run a lot and fast, but they will be still and calm once in your lap, where they can be for hours.



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