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Posted by portugalpress on October 18, 2017
From Left: Fernando Severino (pres. DRAPALG); Patrick Agostini (Produtor e Enólogo - Quinta do Francês); Frederico Falcão (pres. IVV )e Carlos Gracias (pres. CVA)
Frederico Falcão (pres. IVV)
From left: Fernando Severino (president of DRAPALG), Sílvia Neves (winemaker Quinta do Barranco Longo), Frederico Falcão (president of IVV), Patrícia Piassab (oenologist - Quinta do Barranco Longo) and Carlos Gracias (president of CVA)

Frederico Falcão, president of Portugal’s wine and vines institute (IVV), has praised the “great evolution” of Algarve wines and said his goal is to make sure their quality continues to improve.

“Although I don’t visit the region frequently, I’m aware of the great evolution and development of Algarve wines, and that delights me because I like the region and its wines very much,” he said, cited by the Algarve’s wine commission (CVA).

Falcão was in the Algarve this week for a one-day trip which saw him visiting three local wine estates – Quinta do Francês (Odelouca, Silves), Quinta do Barranco Longo (Algoz) and Casa Santos Lima (Tavira).

He was invited by the Algarve’s regional agriculture and fisheries board and accompanied during his visit by the CVA.

“The goal is to understand what is being done (in the Algarve), assess what problems or difficulties exist and establish what improvements can be made,” he said.

In fact, Falcão believes that the Algarve’s wine sector still has a lot of room to grow.

“The Algarve has the ability, like no other region, to sell its wines at its own doorstep thanks to tourism,” he said.

The wine boss added that while Algarve wines might not be so well known in Portugal and abroad, this can actually be seen as something positive. “It gives the region the chance to pave a new road for its wines without any preconceived ideas.”

Falcão even said the Algarve has “fantastic potential” to make “quality white wines”, a wine that is especially popular in summer.

He also praised the government’s decision to leave wine out of the tax increase on alcoholic beverages in the 2018 State Budget, describing it as a great achievement for the sector, which has seen its strategic importance recognised by the government.