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Posted by portugalpress on May 03, 2018

Members of the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs celebrated World Chaîne Day on April 21 at Monte Rei Golf and Country Club together with students from the Cookery School in Évora which they support.

Salvador de Lucena, Monte Rei’s general manager and Confrere Maître Hotelier, wanted the students to experience the full range of works which his dedicated teams fulfil in providing first-class accommodation and gastronomic experiences in the hospitality industry.

The Portugal President of the Chaîne, Aníbal Soares, and the Bailli du Sud du Tage , Dr Jean Ferran, organised the weekend for members and the excursion for the students and their teachers.

The culmination of this event was the five-course degustation menu dinner prepared by Executive Chef Albano Lourenço and his passionate team.

Albano, a respected and highly regarded chef, explained his philosophy of preparing food Mediterranean-style, with emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients.

Sommelier Nuno Pires guided everyone through his choice of wines to accompany the food being served and provided information regarding the wine producers and the methods used in their production.

The third highlight of the evening was the large screen onto which pictures from Chaîne events taking place around the world were posted. New Zealand had started the event off and it gradually worked its way through the Far East and Middle East countries and into Europe.

Portugal was well represented by the pictures which were posted from Monte Rei and the day continued long after the Algarve celebrations had ended, with Hawaii wrapping up the day.

The students, who attend the Cookery School on a voluntary basis after their normal school day and who can obtain a certificate after completion of one-year study or a diploma after ending their second year of study, agreed that this had been an inspiring experience.

For the members of the Chaîne, it was a unique opportunity to meet the students and their teachers from the school which has now been running for five years. It was particularly rewarding to hear of the successes of some students who have gone into the hospitality business and who are beginning to make their mark there.

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