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Posted by portugalpress on August 03, 2018

Picking up on an interview she has done to celebrate her 60th birthday, showbiz media is running with the story that Madonna has “revealed she fled to Portugal to escape Donald Trump”.

That’s not exactly what the pop icon said, but it probably reels readers in.

What Madonna in fact said was: “I felt like we needed a change, and I wanted to get out of America for a minute - as you know this is not America’s finest hour”.

Interpretations aside, it is an upbeat interview, delighting in the extraordinary mix of music and cultures that Madonna has found since uprooting the younger members of her family and settling in the Portuguese capital.

And the superstar-turned-soccer-mom reveals that she has met “lots of really amazing musicians” and ended up working with a lot of them on her new album “so Lisbon has influenced my music and my work. How could it not?”

To read the interview in full (click here) - and there is actually no mention at all of Donald Trump...